Tax Services For US Expats & Foreign Nationals

When you work outside your home country, your tax situation becomes exponentially more complex.  We can help you navigate through the muddy waters to create a clearer path, and the confidence that knowledge inspires.

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Pre-Move Consultations

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Tax Preparation

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Income Tax Treaties

Planning Before Departure

Moving abroad for a short- or long-term work assignment? Having a clear understanding of the tax implications before you go gives you the chance to take advantage of any planning opportunities ahead of time, and lays out a clear map so that you have a plan for proceeding for the duration of your foreign assignment.

Filing US Tax Returns

When it comes time to file US tax returns, whether you are a US or foreign person with a US filing requirement, we can prepare them in a timely and accurate manner. Whether it involves claiming the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and/or foreign tax credits, filing as a full-year, part-year or non-resident, we know how to analyze your particular situation to give you the most beneficial outcome.

When Two Tax Regimes Collide

When there is any opportunities to use tax treaties to mitigate your global tax liability, we can provide the analysis to let you know which specific provisions are available for your situation, how to invoke them, and how they should be properly reflected on your tax returns.

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Corporate Tax Protection Policies

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Post-Assignment Consultations

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IRS and State Tax Notices

Reading the Fine Print

Is your company offering a tax equalization or protection package? As part of the pre-assignment consultation, we can explain what this means, and when the annual analysis is completed, we can review the calculations to ensure they are both correct and consistent with your companies tax equalization policy.

After Your Return Home

Unfortunately, just because you return to the US doesn’t mean that your foreign tax liabilities cease. A consultation will allow us to discuss any continuing liabilities you may incur, whether by receipt of bonuses or equity compensation, or any additional steps you need to close out your foreign tax account.

Addressing Regulatory Questions

Whether the IRS is challenging your Foreign Earned Income Exclusion or your home state is challenging your claim to have broken residence, we can provide necessary documentation to appeal the notices and serve as your advocate.

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