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Schedule A Call

During this introductory consultation, we'll talk in detail about your situation, your needs, and how we could best help you, as well as address any questions about your tax situation that are keeping you up at night.

$400 for up to 1 hour, payable in advance

If you become a client, we'll credit this fee against your first invoice.

** Please note:  we are no longer accepting new clients unless by referral, or clients of Soaring Wealth LLC. **

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For existing clients of Steuern & Taxes LLC to discuss ad hoc tax-related issues throughout the year.


For meetings in November and December, use the "Year End Tax Planning Meeting" option below, which offers more availability.

Tax consultations for other financial advisors and/or their clients on cross-border situations, equity compensation, and other tax issues.

$400 per hour, payable in advance

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For meetings in November and December, during which we'll review your situation to see if there are any tax planning opportunities that you could implement before the end of the year. If you would like us to prepare a projection of your tax liability as a basis for the discussion, make sure to send the requested information at least a week before the meeting:

- Paystubs, 

- Taxable investment account statements (reflecting accumulated income and capital gains/losses for the year), 

- Details of any stock options exercised (especially ISOs), 

- Contributions to 529 plan college savings accounts, 

- Details of all charitable contributions made, and

- Anything else that may be relevant to your situation.

If you would like to discuss exercising stock options and/or selling corporate stock, make sure to provide a copy of the company's plan document as well as full details of all options (including vesting schedules and details of previously exercised shares) and existing stock held.  

These services will be provided at no additional cost for clients of Soaring Wealth LLC.

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