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Year End Tax Planning Articles

Here are a few articles that may be of interest:

Despite how scary they may be, taxes are really the shadow aspect of financial planning, since they underlie almost all financial decisions and can often contribute quite materially to their success (or failure). In that spirit, it's a great time to talk about year-end tax planning, and why it is such a key component for building and maintaining a robust financial plan.

As we wend our myriad ways through this holiday season, our days grow inexorably shorter, and both light and time - key markers of spaciousness - become ever more precious. We push back by lighting candles, stringing holiday lights, taking deeper breaths. In this period of darkness and light, reflection and celebration, our focus is on our loved ones and our gratitude for all that we have. May it be so. And while it is unlikely that tax planning is high on your priority list, perhaps some questions arise in a moment of quiet reflection, so I would like to share some final thoughts as the year closes and the opportunities for planning slowly fade away.


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