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Financial Planning Articles

Here are a few articles that may be of interest:

The topic this month is about feeling stuck in your financial life, whether from a new situation – a new baby, a new marriage, a new job – or from a situation that has long gone unattended – saving for your kids’ college tuition, investing your retirement account, or having too many goals to choose between – and you just feel a need to start over. You might feel life cascading relentlessly around you, and perhaps you are doing cartwheels down the middle of the road right along with it, but there is one issue at the center of it all that leaves you feeling paralyzed and vulnerable: stuck. So what do you do?

Most people who contact me about financial planning have never worked with a planner before – they understand that they need help organizing their financial lives so that they can plot a more effective path to achieve their goals, but they just don’t have any experience talking with someone in depth about them. Since it can be difficult to conceptualize, I wanted to spend some time sharing details about what comprehensive financial planning means, and how it can impact your life in a meaningful way.



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