Tax Services for US Citizens, Expatriates and Foreign Nationals

Navigating through complex and competing tax regimes with confidence since 2005


What We Do

Headquartered in Bristol, Vermont and working with clients globally on a virtual basis, our firm specializes in helping individuals meet their US tax obligations from wherever they are.  As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional, we combine proactive tax planning with a deep understanding of how to align clients' finances with their long-term goals.

Moreover, we work with clients who need support throughout the year, not just at tax time - clients for whom year end tax planning is fundamental, and those who need periodic tax projections or consulting services to manage their liabilities proactively.  

In order to provide a high level of year-round service, we are limiting our practice to 60 clients. 


Whom We Help

Corporate employees and entrepreneurs with complex tax situations who need assistance optimizing their finances to align with their personal goals.

How We Do It

Proactive communication, deep technical knowledge, and solutions customized to our clients' situations.

What's in It for You

Work with an experienced advisor you can trust to help you minimize your global tax burden and tailor guidance based on your personal financial goals.